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Abortion Support Packages

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You are not alone. This can be a challenging and emotionally intense time. Having someone by your side to support you no matter the circumstance, and to help you process your decisions and experience can provide comfort, validation, and a safe place to just be.

Before and After Care – $250

In-clinic + home support: Dara will plan ahead with you to determine your expectations, preferences, and needs over the phone or in person. She will meet you at the clinic prior to the procedure, support you during the procedure (if allowed at clinic) and immediately afterwards to get you settled at home. You will need a support person to drive you to and from the clinic or Dara can accompany you in a taxi.
Add additional in-home Reiki treatment for $90  


After Care – $160

In-home support (up to 4 hours) either the day of abortion or at a predetermined date soon after. This visit can be used for any in-home support: food prep, physical care, emotional check-in, tidying, care for children, etc.
Add additional in-home Reiki treatment for $90


Reiki treatments + 6 hours support Combo – $420

Book-end Reiki treatments to begin and end your 6 hours of support. Reiki treatments are used to process, support healing, release and relax body/mind. Essential oils are used (if desired) to support the mind-body connection, to ground, relax and uplift during treatment. Initial Reiki treatment is booked prior to first support visit and second treatment is booked after final support visit. 

6 hours support: 2 x 3 hour visits. These visits can be scheduled for in-home or outside of home (ex. going for a walk, attending appointments, community outings, coffee date)

Add additional weekly Reiki treatments for $90/treatment AND/OR in-home support for $35/hour


Weekly in-home Reiki treatments - $90/treatment

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on treatment that can be used to calm the nervous system and allow your body and mind to fully relax. Treatments can be combined with essential oils for whole body support and relaxation. Reiki is a fantastic tool to help your body process/release trauma, experiences, grief and joy. Sessions help you to integrate the mind-body connection and to give you permission to simply be held and loved for an hour. 

Add additional in-home doula support hours before/after each treatment for $35/hour. These hours can be used to settle you into a nap, food prep, light tidying, chat to process experience and current feelings/needs, etc.

Weekly in-home Doula support visits - $120/visit

These visits are 3 hours each and can be used for processing your experience, light tidying around the house, food prep, walks, community outings/accompaniments, coffee dates, and more. 

Add additional in-home Reiki treatment to visits for $90/treatment


I) Services listed above are available between the hours of 8am – 9pm

II) Need to add an extra hour here and there? Hourly rate is $40/hour

III) A travel fee of $25/round trip is charged for any travel outside of the City of Guelph

VI) Phone support is provided to create treatment plans, discuss care, troubleshooting, discuss resources, etc. 15mins calls are complimentary, beyond that there is a fee of $25/30mins

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