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doTERRA Essential Oils
Tools for Health and Wellness

I quickly fell in love with Essential Oils back in March 2016, and am so grateful that I found them! Essential oils are tools that connect me with the Earth through their concentrated constituents and aromatics. These tools support me emotionally, physically, and help me lead a non-toxic lifestyle. I have found natural and healthy alternatives to EVERY household cleaning and over the counter product. Knowing that I can reach for an oil for anything that comes my way is an empowering feeling that puts my health in MY hands. I love sharing these oils with those who are ready to make a change; ready to revamp their lifestyle (even if it's just one bottle of oil - everyone starts somewhere!), and ditch the toxic skin care/cleaners/over the counter products that are wreaking havoc on our health and wellbeing, and mother nature. 

Essential oils have quickly become a favourite addition to Reiki sessions with clients as they are intuitively picked (by the client or myself) to aid in relaxation and emotional support. I also incorporate essential oils with clients during pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.

Please reach out to chat about how these oils can support you and your family! Samples are the BEST place to start when it comes to trying oils for the first time, so do not hesitate to request a free sample by filling out a form HERE.



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