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Core Values

Trust | Respect | Empowerment | Gratitude |  Love 

My Vision

To educate and inspire individuals and families to pursue holistic support throughout their fertility,
pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys. I want all my clients to feel empowered to take control
of their health and life goals.

My Mission

To create a safe space for each and every one of my clients and families to feel confident, assured and knowledgeable with the proper tools, education, and care. Through set packages or regular sessions, clients will receive the best support and up to date information in order to move through one of the greatest transitions of their lives. Clients will feel validated and encouraged, whether it be in preparation for a new baby, through their postpartum recovery, or through times of loss and struggle.



I've always been an emotional person. From some of my earliest memories I can recall the intensity of trying to express my feelings. Crying seemed to be the ice breaker when the intensity arose, which allowed me to open the dam and release my true feelings when conversations became personal. I was the youngest in our family of five and although I could be emotional, at times, I was also your typical third child clown; always seeking attention and determined to get a laugh out of you! Looking back now, I realize the latter was another form of communication for me. I was trying to connect with others in a way that was natural, but also in a way that protected me from being vulnerable. As an adult, and as I find myself in the work I pursue with such joy, I am struck with the realization that I crave connection; I crave to be understood and loved, and so do my clients. In the process of my own self development, I yearn to give my clients a safe space with a loving confidante that allows them time and encouragement to be themselves. It's no wonder to me now that I'm so passionate about empowering my clientele and their ability to communicate, their need for connection, feeling acknowledged and heard. What other stages in life are more vulnerable and intense than those of our childbearing years? This is where we become something bigger than ourselves - when we take part in such a life altering and challenging transition! I'm drawn to individuals and families who are calling out to be heard, to be acknowledged, and who are looking for that connection during life's transitions. We all want to be accepted, supported and loved. And we all deserve this.  xo Dara

Education & Training

  • B.A., Studio Art – University of Guelph, 2011

  • HALO Labour Doula Training (currently Doula Training Canada) – Toronto, April 2014

  • Mummy Tummy Workshop (Prevention and correction of Diastasis Recti and pelvic organ prolapse)  Milton, September 2014

  • Rebozo Connection (the Gena Kirby method with Allison Heaney)  Windsor, September 2014

  • Birth & Beyond Conference + An Evening with Ina May Gaskin – London, October 2014

  • Gotta Go? (Prevention and correction of incontinence in women pre + postnatal)  Milton, October 2014

  • Dad Certified with Joe Valley (Training to support fathers and partners) Toronto, November 2014

  • The Farm’s midwifery workshop, Summertown, Tennessee, May 2015

  • Birth & Beyond Conference - London, October 2016

  • Reiki I & II for Fertility, Birth, Pregnancy & Postpartum - Toronto, December 2016

  • First Aid CPR for Doulas - Guelph, June 2017

  • Holistic Intro to Fertility Support for Doulas - Guelph, November 2018

  • Soil Advocacy Training - Kiss The Ground, 2021 -