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Hello! Welcome to a snap shot of my world and the services I offer on Manitoulin Island. I am a Doula, a Reiki practitioner, and health and wellness advocate, with a passion for regenerative farming and plant medicine! I am keen to work with individuals and growing families that are ready to explore their health; to reconnect with themselves, and to welcome new beings into the world. I strongly believe in our body’s innate ability to heal from the inside out once given the proper tools and support. Connection is a huge part of my work and I believe it is the root of all healing and growth. Humans are a social species. Being connected to one another, being seen and heard, and in tune with our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies is essential to our wellbeing.  

A little more about each area of practise:

Reiki is a gentle, hands on practise that helps the individual connect with their body, mind and spirit. It offers physical and emotional pain relief, trauma processing, stillness, rest and deep relaxation to scratch the surface. Reiki has brought so much calm and mindfulness into my life, and my clients' experiences have been mind-boggling, heart-warming, and soul-affirming. 

Doula work is an ever evolving practise. First and foremost: it is an absolute honour to bear witness to a growing family, to sit next to a birthing person or new parent as they transform their life. The nature of this work demands that I be an unwavering rock of love and support and to help families advocate for their rights during the most vulnerable time of their lives (and I have to brag that I have seemingly magic hands when it comes to back rubs in labour!). This year has taught me more than the previous 6 years combined when it comes to birth, sovereignty, inner knowing, and human rights. I am committed to and continuing to learn about advocacy, privilege and racism in this work, and how I can best serve my community. 

Farming - gahhh where do I begin. I have fallen in love with soil. I have fallen in love with hearty vegetables and pasture raised animals. Regenerative agriculture has lit a fire under me and is pushing me forward. Regenerative goes beyond organic - it brings us back to how plants and animals were meant to be grown, tended to, and loved. In return, these vegetables and animals nourish us deeply and are our healing medicine. I am dabbling here and there in the farming community, and am planning to grow a medicinal herb garden in 2022. Other future goals are to grow all my own veggies, BUT I have a keen interest in winter farming! I want to live off the land all year round dammit. If you ever want to pick my brain or learn about the amazing local farms around here where you can buy fresh meat and veg, please reach out! 


Core Values: 
Compassion | Connection | Learning
 Respect |  Love


Education & Training

  • B.A., Studio Art – University of Guelph, 2011

  • HALO Labour Doula Training (currently Doula Training Canada) – Toronto, April 2014

  • Mummy Tummy Workshop (Prevention and correction of Diastasis Recti and pelvic organ prolapse)  Milton, September 2014

  • Rebozo Connection (the Gena Kirby method with Allison Heaney)  Windsor, September 2014

  • Birth & Beyond Conference + An Evening with Ina May Gaskin – London, October 2014

  • Gotta Go? (Prevention and correction of incontinence in women pre + postnatal)  Milton, October 2014

  • Dad Certified with Joe Valley (Training to support fathers and partners) Toronto, November 2014

  • The Farm’s midwifery workshop, Summertown, Tennessee, May 2015

  • Birth & Beyond Conference - London, October 2016

  • Reiki I & II for Fertility, Birth, Pregnancy & Postpartum - Toronto, December 2016

  • Holistic Intro to Fertility Support for Doulas - Guelph, November 2018

  • Soil Advocacy Training - Kiss The Ground, 2021 - 

  • Privilege & Racism in Birth - Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, 2021 - 2022

Photography by @stillcreates 
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