Here is a collection of my favourite go-to resources as of right now! Click, watch, read, enjoy and BE INSPIRED!

Class Resources:


My Essential Business Canada (Live Naturally tools are the ones I currently use)

Essential Life Book

Share Oils




Aroma Tools

doTERRA "Class in a Box" (purchase this in your back office under Kits > Leadership Kits)



Building Resources:


Canadian Compliance reference

Canadian Enrollment Kits 2017

doTERRA Tools


How to Manifest Exactly what you want



roller balls: Olilia brand  &  MEB brand


1/4 Drams


Video resources:


Branding Yourself - discover your WHY

The Most important skill - Contacting (I love this video!)


How to hit Silver in 4 months


doTERRA business presentation


Compensation Plan explained


Ask doTERRA with Dr. Hill

PIPES Webinar Series by Jessie Reimers



Inspiring leaders you may want to follow: 


Ange Peters (London, ON, she has great youtube and periscope videos), HOL:FIT


Jessie Reimers (youngest Presedential Diamond, Australia)

Marissa Heizel (Canadian)


Alysse Sedivy (one of the top in the whole company)


The Paleo Mama (she has great Periscope videos)