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Postpartum Support Packages


  • care for baby while parent(s) sleep/shower/study/work from home 

  • meal and snack preparation

  • assistance with caring for birthing person, including post-caesarean support

  • general tidying: sweeping, folding/laundry, dishes

  • care for older children

  • newborn care including diaper changing, dressing, bathing

  • help with breastfeeding, paced bottle feeding, formula feeding, pumping 

  • provide info regarding local resources: massage, acupuncture, pelvic floor specialists, etc.

  • education surrounding postpartum mental health, and connections to community resources

  • access to lending library

Package 1:   16 hours – $640

Those first couple of weeks can be a huge adjustment for new and experienced parents. This is a great support package to aid in those early days of transition. Suggested increments of 3-4 hours per visit.


Package 2:   32 hours – $1280

Whether you’re looking for that consistent break every other day, or a special treat once or twice a week, 32 hours can be spaced well over the first three weeks or during the first two months postpartum. Suggested increments of 3-4 hours per visit.


Package 3:   48 hours – $1920

Continued support over the first few months postpartum can be invaluable! Weekly food prep, care for older children, time for parents to rest and recharge - this extended package is fantastic for growing families or those with limited/small support networks. Suggested increments of 3-4 hours per visit.



In-home Reiki treatments - $90/treatment *Suggested usage: add on to each postpartum visit for added self-care and relaxation*




I) For all above postpartum services the hours are between 8am – 2:30pm

II) Need to add an extra hour here and there? Hourly rate is $40/hour

III) We charge a travel fee of $25/round trip for any travel outside of Central Manitouiln
VI) We provide phone support to create treatment plans, discuss postpartum care,

troubleshooting, discuss resources, etc., first 15mins is complimentary,
beyond that we charge $25/30mins

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