Reiki Treatments at Pomegranate Grove 
Specializing in Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Loss & Postpartum

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Located at 15 Surrey St. West, Guelph, ON

Struggling to conceive? Dealing with birth trauma or loss? Stricken with worry or fear surrounding childbirth? These are common experiences and so many of us are left to deal with these emotional wounds on our own, or forced to hold them inside to fester. When we ignore our emotions and continue to carry our non-supportive stories inside of us they can manifest in our physical body. Perhaps you have unwavering heartburn, recurring UTIs, migraines, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, or secondary infertility.

During sessions, Reiki can promote a deep state of relaxation through a hands-on technique. Clients often drift in and out of sleep while the practitioner works with Reiki to address the emotional wounds you cannot see. Reiki is universal healing energy that can bring light to these old wounds while supporting you to release them and begin a healing process.

Reiki is a gentle service and complimentary to all other holistic and medical care. Reiki holds no doctrine and is open to anyone looking for alternative support on their healing journey.

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1 hour session - $85 + HST

"I was new to Reiki and in search of stress reduction and healing.  Dara helped me significantly by promoting peace and harmony in my energy through her Reiki service.  I felt positive energy flow through and around me, feeling a wonderful glowing radiance. I left feeling confident and relaxed. I loved how warm and inviting her space was and the sense of comfort and acceptance she gave. I found the experience to be positive and healing. I would highly recommend  Dara to anyone who is both new to or already familiar with Reiki. Dara is both professional and personable."  - Mia, Guelph
Guelph, ON

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