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A sincere thank you to all of my clients !

“Dara was an amazing source of empathy and support throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period. Even in periods of high stress and anxiety, Dara’s knowledge and care got me through to the end. Her non-judgmental nature made me feel like I would be a great mom. I couldn’t have done it without her help. Best. Doula. Ever.”  Eva

“Becoming a parent is amazing and crazy and I don’t know how we would have managed without Dara. Looking back everything is a blur, but I remember the calm and patience that Dara projected onto the chaos. She was a grounding presence that reminded me that everything was going to be okay.” – Jamie

“I am so grateful Dara was the person that assisted me through my birth. I had a traumatic, stressful birth experience and she remained calm and incredibly helpful the whole time. From the time she arrived through my whole delivery she was assertive to needs I had and immediately tried to fill them in the best way possible. She was my voice when I couldn’t speak through the pain and was helpful when dealing with those around me. Outside of my birth experience I feel so blessed to have met such a lovely person with such a kind heart. She has gone far above and beyond being supportive well after my baby’s birth visiting and offering advice and support for both of us.”   – Melanie

"Dara is incredibly compassionate, gentle and kind. Her soft presence is warm and welcoming. It was my first time trying Reiki and she eased me right into it so respectfully. She assisted me through a transition and helped me find my full breath. Forever grateful and looking forward to more sessions." - Daniela, Guelph

"I first came to Dara hoping to use Reiki to work through grief. Through Dara's welcoming and nurturing practice I was able to heal so much more than that. She is extremely knowledgeable and really takes the time to connect with you and your intentions. It is amazing the transformative experience that can take place in an hour. I left every session feeling lighter and more in tune with myself than ever before. It's truly something I would recommend to everyone." - R.

"I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Dara, her intentional, calm energy is so soothing and I appreciate her insight and the gentle healing power of Reiki. Anytime life feels like it's overwhelming and I just can't shake it Reiki is my go to place to clear the confusion and find healing and light!" - Jessica

"I just wanted to let you know how much you have not only helped me, but also a very close friend. I don't know if you understand how integral your holding space has been to the healing we both have been able to do." - B.

“Dara was gracefully my doula during her schooling.  We ended up meeting in my 9th month of pregnancy, and so we were tasked with getting to know each other and getting comfortable fast!  It was easy : )  Dara is such a sweet and funny woman, with an intuition for what her client’s needs are.  This was my second pregnancy, and I still only had a slight idea of what I wanted my son’s birth to be like.  One thing we both agreed though, is that a labour and birth plan are just that, a plan.  We went at it with open minds and hearts.  She quickly and efficiently reviewed different pain management techniques with me, and just plain got to know each other.

Dara was incredibly thorough.  She didn’t miss a beat, right up until my very early labour.  When I didn’t even want to talk to her, it was like her intuitiveness picked up on me from a far!  She texted me to see how I was, and encouraged me with all we had talked about.  Once we knew for sure I was in labour, she was like lightening.  She was quick to arrive and quick to set up.  We enjoyed laughing and simply sitting together through contractions.  When I transitioned, she was there every step of the way.  Her words of strength and encouragement made me hate her in the moment, but grateful to her in the end.  When I was pushing and thought I was dying, she held my hand and fed me water.  She looked into my eyes with such a deep understanding that I knew, if I ever gave birth again I would choose her.

Dara’s postpartum care was excellent.  She took very good care of me and my son in our afterglow.  Nothing made her cringe when the blood flowed.  We took our time and once I was comfortable, she left me with good instruction to SLEEP.  She met with us a few more times in the following weeks, going above and beyond to console me, remind me, be a sister for me, a helping hand and non-intrusive.  I cannot imagine what my life in those early weeks would have been like without her.  It was actually hard for me to finally say goodbye.  If I ever meet a woman needing a doula, Dara will be the name I suggest.”   – Alyssa

"I approached Dara at Robin's Nest as I was new to Reiki and in search of stress reduction and healing.  Dara helped me  significantly by promoting peace and harmony in my energy through her Reiki service.  I felt positive energy flow through and around me, feeling a wonderful glowing radiance. I left feeling confident and relaxed. I loved how warm and inviting her space was and the sense of comfort and acceptance she gave. I found the experience to be positive and healing. I would highly recommend  Dara to anyone who is both new to or already familiar with Reiki. Dara is both professional and personable."  - Mia, Guelph

 “We decided to get a doula for our third birth at the last minute.  Dara was extremely adaptive and agreed to help us.  Despite having just met her, our children (present during the birth) were immediately comfortable with her.  The fact that Dara just knew what to do and when without being asked meant that we were completely focused on the new baby’s arrival.  She was everything we were hoping for in a doula: someone who supports us and does not take up any energetic space.” – Kristen & Gavin

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